Late at night

It is so nice to have dinner at home and drink a cup of tea Scale 1:12 Photos by my dear husband.


Mini Ballet - Blue Flower

The costume is for Waltz of the Flowers from Nutcracker Suite or other miniature ballet scene. Scale 1:12

Made of satin cotton and tulle, decorated with handmade flowers.

The costumer consists of the dress (bodice with tutu) and the flower hair pin.


Mini ballet

For those who love both ballet and miniature.

Stage rehearsal ballet costume

This white stage rehearsal ballet costume consists of separate maillot/bodice, tutu and ballet slippers.

I want them to look as much realistic as possible, thus the tutus are made following technology used to sew real-size ballet tutus.


Summer time, still

My little Jane Doe has got a bunch of new clothes. Designed and made by me, of course.

Outfit in a Boho style.

Somewhere over the rainbow….

Someone gets dirty.

Do you want to talk about it?

So peaceful and quiet.

These shoes are made for walking. Ummm, not sure.

and these are.

It’s made of real leather, by the way.

I have a lot of plans for fall/winter collection; but need some time and energizer, perhaps.


Waiting for a miracle to come

My lady is waiting for a prince charming, I suppose. But all she has got is a teddy bear.

Photo by antanian at http://www.flickr.com/photos/antanian/


And the winner is... me!

I won a giveaway! The first time ever! And such a great Silver VIKAesque Desk, made by Ann Nguyen.

She runs wonderful blog at http://amazingminiatures.com/

Hooray hooray, I am so excited, her miniatures really are amazing.